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Wedgwood Broiler

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I wasn’t sure I would be up to going out for New Year’s Eve dinner tonight. When my initial cold symptoms set in Tuesday night, I wasn’t too concerned. We went ahead Wednesday with our Bainbridge Island outing. But by the time I headed off to my office yesterday, I was starting to drag, and last night I had a low fever.

Today was more of the same — congestion, lots of coughing, a slight fever. But I had to eat, and I didn’t want Gail to be stuck in all evening. So I got dressed and around 7:30 we headed off to dinner.

Where to go? We weren’t really sure. The last three years, we had early New Year’s Eve dinners at The Attic Alehouse & Eatery, our local pub and long-time Madison Park institution. But we’ve been boycotting The Attic since last spring, for reasons I needn’t go into here. For the four years before that, we had New Year’s Eve dinner at our one-time local steakhouse, the Wedgwood Broiler. We moved away from Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood 17 years ago, but I still like to head up there occasionally. We never went to the Broiler on New Year’s Eve in the years we lived up that way. However, we found our way to it nine years ago on our way north to a New Year’s Eve party in Lake Forest Park, a suburb north of Seattle, with Wedgwood being about the halfway point between our house and the party. Thus began the tradition.

It seems I’m the only fan of the Broiler. Joel never understood why we would go. Gail regularly points out that there are better steakhouses around — and closer too — including one just a bit south of us on Lake Washington, next door to the Thai restaurant Sabai that I wrote about last week. But, it’s a tradition of sorts, and it brings back memories. I always think of Gail’s dad when we eat there. It’s his kind of place, and he would surely have joined us tonight if he were available.

Off to Wedgwood we went, and into the Broiler. We got there around 7:40, a little past its peak, another benefit of going. It was quiet, which is what I needed tonight, and it’s the one place we frequent where I’m likely to be among the youngest diners, which adds to the fun. The bar, I gather, is a pretty lively place. That’s where the young people go. The restaurant, not so much.

I have to admit, their steak isn’t the greatest. That must be what Gail and Joel have been trying to tell me. Still, you can’t beat the atmosphere.

After we ate, as always, we headed a few more blocks north to see our old neighborhood. And then we took a leisurely route home, past more neighborhoods that we drove through daily years ago.

I think next year we’ll try someplace new.

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