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Catching Up Again

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hickory, Scottish deerhound

This has been a bad month for blogging. And the longer I go without writing new posts, the more post ideas accumulate, making the prospect of catching up sufficiently daunting that I keep putting it off. But mostly what has kept me quiet has been the confluence of two events: a busy period with regard to various work duties and the poor health of my still new iMac. I was without the iMac for a few days, and now that it’s back from the Apple Store, the problem that sent it there is as bad as ever. I’m using it tonight, but it will return to the store tomorrow morning.*

So much for using it tonight. It lost its internet connection partway through this post. This has been the problem. First the mail app stops working, but the browser is fine. Then the browser goes, which is what happened. And then the computer crashes if I wait long enough. I have switched to my MacBook Air and will finish this post, but that may do it for today.

Anyway, let’s see. I’ll list a few of the items I had intended to write about, though some are getting dated and I can barely remember the details of others:

1. Technology update: the woes of my iMac, the beauty of my new Kindle, some thoughts on my new 11″ MacBook Air.

2. Westminster dog show. It took place last Monday and Tuesday. How can I not comment on it? Love those dogs.

3. Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory. This was the subject of my last post, written when I was part way through the book. I’ve finished it now.

4. The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam. This is the book I’m now reading. About one third of the way through.

5. A WSJ article last week about walker rage.

6. A WSJ article last week about the friendship between a man and a goose in LA.

7. A NYT article with an incredibly poorly written sentence.

8. The Wayne Rooney goal. You’ve probably seen it by now, but if not, I was going to link to it.

9. Dinner last weekend at La Spiga.

It’s tempting to say something about the events in Wisconsin this past week, with further thoughts about state employees and unions in general, but what do I know? I mean, I know a little, what with being a state employee and all. But I’m not exactly an expert on politics or unions or disingenuous right-wing governors. I did try to think yesterday morning of what experts on Wisconsin I could think of, first among friends of mine in academia, then among bloggers I read. And then it occurred to me that a blogger I eschew reading because her views are too far to the right for me is in fact a law professor at Wisconsin, so surely her thoughts would be of interest. Off I went to Althouse, the Ann Althouse blog, and sure enough, it was of great interest.

It’s tempting also to comment on Albert Pujols and his failed contract negotiations with the Cardinals, but this is yet another area on which I’m hardly an expert.

I’ll get back to some of these issues tomorrow, I hope. But unless Apple does the right thing and hands me a new iMac tomorrow to replace the one I bought in November, I’ll have to do my blogging on my little MacBook. It’s quite frustrating, what with Gail’s iMac failing from day one and mine failing a month later.

More tomorrow.

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