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Emma at 15

April 30, 2011 1 comment

Emma turned 15 last Sunday. We had some guests over to celebrate, though they might have thought they were here for Easter. She was content to avoid them, not coming downstairs even for a minute until they left.

I don’t want this milestone to pass without any mention here at Ron’s View. So, even though I’m six days late: Happy Birthday, Emma. You’re as pretty as ever. (See below, from 10 minutes ago.)

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Grace Slick Interview

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a guess, but I’m thinking some of you might have missed the Wall Street Journal’s Grace Slick interview in yesterday’s paper. As a service to the Ron’s View readership, here is the link.

The interview is short, so I don’t want to quote much from it. Here’s one excerpt:

What happened at the White House in the early ’70s?

Tricia Nixon went to the same New York girls’ finishing school [Finch College, now defunct] that I did, but 10 years later. When I attended, my maiden name was Wing. Tricia invited all the graduates, including me, to a White House tea party. Her people didn’t know that Grace Wing was Grace Slick [her first husband was Jerry Slick]. So I called Abbie Hoffman and said, “Guess where we’re going.” I had planned to spike Richard Nixon’s tea with acid. But when Abbie and I were on line, a security guard wouldn’t let me in. He said, “We checked and you’re a security risk.”

The Airplane was my favorite group through my late high school and early college years. When in high school, I saw them perform at nearby Westbury Music Fair. And I spent my first fall in Cambridge making fruitless daily walks to The Coop to see if their soon-to-be-released album Volunteers had arrived. Fifteen years later, just before Gail and I married, she and Jessica had a roommate whose brother played in Jefferson Starship. Which is as close as I got to Grace.

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Harry Jackson

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Harry Jackson, 2006, Cody, Wyoming

[Chris Gimmeson/Buffalo Bill Historical Center]

The artist Harry Jackson died on Monday. William Grimes gives an overview of his rich life and career in today’s NYT obituary. Jackson’s art and friends ranged widely, from Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock to cowboys and John Wayne. Check out the obit for more details.

As a footnote, I’ll point out one error. The obituary concludes with mention of six marriages, all ending in divorce. There were, in fact, just four marriages. Harry’s fourth wife, Tina, is immensely talented in her own right, as a singer-songwriter and, more recently, a composer for the musical theater. The oldest of their three children, Jesse, was a classmate of Jessica’s years back at the Hyde School, in Bath, Maine, as a result of which we got to know Harry (a little) and Tina (well).

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