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Lunch at Rover’s

[From slideshow at Rover’s website]

Two summers ago, we became lunch regulars at Rover’s, famed Seattle restaurant that is just over a mile from our house, and I wrote a series of posts about our meals there. They serve lunch on Fridays only, so there are weeks at a time when getting there for lunch isn’t convenient. As a result, we fell out of the habit. Indeed, our last lunch visit was with Joel two Marches ago, and our last visit altogether was for a magnificent dinner last August courtesy of our visiting Glaswegian friends/houseguests. I never did write about that. I meant to.

Yesterday, at long last, we returned for a Friday Rover’s lunch, again with Joel. This time I’ll write about it.

We arrived at noon, when they open for lunch. Seated before us at a two-top were a mother and son. We were put at a four-top at the other end of the restaurant, in a quiet corner. There are usually just four entrées to choose from, plus maybe seven or eight appetizers and two desserts, so there isn’t much to think about, other than that it would be nice to have all four entrées. You can see one version of the lunch menu here. It is close to yesterday’s menu. In fact, the same four entrées were available, but with slightly different treatments.

Gail and I chose the farro appetizer. The menu lists it as follows: Farro, Asparagus, Pickled Lemon, Almond, Snow Pea. We had a variant: farro, peas, spinach, pickled lemon, basil oil. Boy was it good. That pickled lemon! Joel had the soup, a chilled almond soup poured over marcona almonds. I wouldn’t have minded a small cup of it along with the farro. Gail and I got small tastes of it and it was a perfect summer soup.

For his main dish, Joel chose the black cod, which came with green garbanzo beans and cous cous. He said he liked it. We didn’t taste it, but I’m sure we would have been happy with it. Instead, Gail and I chose the roasted Wagyu beef, which was served with cubed potatoes, pearl onions, and peas. And something else that neither of us can remember right now. Very frustrating. I meant to write everything down. No matter. The beef was beautifully prepared, the sauce superb, the vegetables vivacious. Well, okay, maybe not vivacious. I’m over-doing the alliteration. But they sure were good, and I could have eaten more of them.

For dessert, Joel chose the espresso crème brulée. The menu mentions almond tuile, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t come with that. Gail and I had the Chocolate Bavarian, with some sort of cream, but maybe not the “praline creme” of the online menu. Whatever the cream, the plate came with three chocolate cylinders — large, medium, and small. The large one was all chocolate with a dab of cream on top. The middle one had a cylindrical cutout in the center, filled with cream. The small one was the cylindrical cutout of the middle one. A lovely presentation.

Oh, I forgot that the beef and sauce were topped with little flowers of some sort.

I can’t imagine why we went over 15 months without a Rover’s lunch. We did eat multiple times in the interim at Rover’s new, more casual sister restaurant Luc, next door. A wonderful place. But not a reason to bypass Rover’s. The good news is that summer is just beginning and I should be able to get away from other duties for additional Friday lunches in the coming weeks.

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