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[Trent Bell for The New York Times]

Regular Ron’s View readers know how much Gail and I love Nantucket. It was thus a pleasure to see the featured article in the NYT Home section two days ago. It’s hard to miss, right on the top of the front page, a photo of a house that couldn’t be anywhere but on Nantucket.

Except that I did miss it when I pulled apart the sections of the print edition Thursday morning. I got lucky Thursday night and noticed the article online, along with a 17-photo slideshow that makes the online version the better one to read in any case.

I carried the printed Home section into the den to show Gail, and she shared my reaction that we must have walked past this house. I suppose we haven’t. It’s just that the 1800s houses in town pretty much look alike, and we’ve definitely walked past this house’s brethren.

The focus of the article is on how the new owner furnished the house rather than on the house itself. The wonders of eBay. You can get a good sense of what she has bought by going through the slideshow. I don’t imagine we’ll ever buy a house on Nantucket. It wouldn’t make sense, on many levels. But we talk about it on occasion. And we have yet to decide whether we’d look in town or a ways out. I did find the perfect location three summers ago. We got back from our visit and out of curiosity I looked at listings online. There was a house available in Wauwinet, on the thin bit of land on the eastern edge of the island that extends northward, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern end of Nantucket Harbor. There are just a couple of dozen homes there, north of the Wauwinet Inn, beyond which is several miles of undeveloped (and undevelopable) land on the way to Great Point. These are unique properties, and in case I thought otherwise, the listed price of the house confirmed it — $14 million. Oh well. We’ll just visit.

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