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A Slave to Apple

I wish it weren’t so. I resent Apple for controlling us so. When Gail and I walked into the Apple Store after dinner tonight, I cursed them in my mind. Yet, I don’t have a choice. We’re so invested in Apple gear that I see no way to change.

Our Apple Time Capsule took a turn for the worse this afternoon. This may have something to do with a dumb maneuver on my part, but let’s not dwell on that. The Time Capsule, as you may know, is really two completely different items in one: a wireless router — essentially the equivalent of what they call their Airport Extreme — and an external hard drive. Why combine them? Because it automatically puts at your disposal a networked external hard drive, ready to connect to any computer that is connected to the internet via the companion wireless router. Perfect for backups, especially of the automated kind.

The thing is, the hard drive connection has been flaky from almost the beginning. So when I ruined the hard drive today, I wasn’t too disappointed. That meant we could get the Airport Extreme for wireless routing duties and an altogether different, separate hard drive for our backup needs. I know, one can buy far cheaper wireless routers these days. The prices have dropped to almost nothing. But why mess with Apple?

So there we were, at the Apple Store. We bought the router. We bought a smart cover for my iPad. And after staring at all the third party external hard drives that the Apple Store carries, we chose one.

As we headed toward the door, I began an inventory. Here’s what we have. I’ll include not just what Gail, Joel, and I use in the house, but also some equipment we’ve passed on to Jessica.

Desktop computers: 2 iMacs. Maybe 3 if you count one Jessica has that I assume she stopped using when we gave her my used MacBook Air.

Laptops: 1 old MacBook Pro, likely to be replaced soon when Joel heads to graduate school. 2 MacBook Airs, an original model when it was introduced and a smaller new one.

iPads: 2 new ones for Gail and me, 2 hand-me-down original iPads for Jessica and Joel.

iPhones: 3 iPhone 4’s.

Wireless routers: 2, counting our new one but not the Time Capsule that ran into a bit of difficulty today. A third may enter our lives soon, when Joel heads off to school.

And there’s another iMac in my office, but that doesn’t count, since we don’t own it. It is due to be replaced soon by a new one. Plus assorted generations of iPod that remain functional, from hard-drive iPods to a first generation iPod Touch and two aging iPod Shuffles.

It would be interesting (for me, not you) to figure out all the Apple products we’ve owned going back to our 1986 purchase of a Macintosh Plus. I never should have taken that first bite.

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