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Nantucket Addenda

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I know, it’s time to move on. The trip is receding. I’ve written enough. But I forgot two items. I will include them here in one final Nantucket post.

1. In my last Nantucket post, Sconset and More, I mentioned our bike ride last Saturday from Wauwinet to Sconset and back, with reference to one of Nantucket’s three lighthouses, Sankaty Head. I spoke in particular of how beautiful “the lighthouse is when one draws even with it on the far side of Sankaty Head Golf Club.” But I forgot to insert the photo I took of it on my phone. See above.

2. In my third Nantucket post, Hangin’ with Teresa and John (Kerry), I gave a brief description of our dinner at Topper’s, the in-house restaurant of the Wauwinet Inn. Getting to dessert, I wrote that “I had a sublime cherry sorbet for dessert, along with blueberry sorbet and strawberry ice cream.” At Gail’s insistence, I had taken a photo of the dessert. Look below and you’ll see the three scoops, along with raspberries, blueberries, a blackberry, and a wafer. It is served in a glass bowl that had been chilled in a freezer beforehand. The photo doesn’t quite capture the elegant presentation. For one, the colors don’t come through well. Nor does the illusion that the bowl was made of ice. A beautiful dessert.

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