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Posts to Come

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve fallen a bit behind. Sorry about that. I gave a final exam Wednesday morning. After writing two posts that evening, I have stopped posting on the general principle that if I have time to post, I should be using that time to grade instead. And until this afternoon I hadn’t been grading either. Hence, no posts.

Now that I’ve done half my grading, I am putting the rest aside for tomorrow, freeing up posting time. But not posting energy. I’ll content myself with a partial list of coming attractions.

1. A description of a week-old language log post by Geoff Pullum with a scathing attack on a piece in the NYT. I happened to be the language log correspondent who passed the NYT article on to him (and was duly credited). Thus, it seems appropriate to bring the item to your attention.

2. Yet another Rover’s lunch report. Or maybe I should let this topic go, having written several times about lunches at Rover’s. Rover’s serves lunch on Fridays only and I’m usually not free for lunch on Fridays, so we don’t get there too often. The last time was in September, the Friday before classes started, when we joined Russ. With Joel home and no free Friday in the upcoming months, we went while we could.

3. Sebastian Rotella’s novel Triple Crossing (with the moronic subtitle “A Novel”). I’m about 290 pages into it. Another 110 to go, and another reason not to blog. I have recently written about several other books. My starting this might suggest I’ve finished them. Not yet. I put them aside temporarily.

4. Change You Can Believe In. Time for another installment. In this one, Obama continues to trample on civil rights by signing into law the right to detain US citizens indefinitely. Gotta love the guy. We voted for change; we got it.

I had imagined that the holiday break would provide me with the leisure to turn to some long-deferred (and not particularly urgent) topics. However, I’m not seeing a lot of leisure on the horizon. It would be good to knock off a few old items, such as assorted golf posts. I know golf isn’t what brings people in the Ron’s View door. That’s one reason those posts don’t get written. First up: my primer on how to be a golf fan. Soon, perhaps.

But now, back to Triple Crossing. And tomorrow, grading.

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