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NYT Vows at 20

May 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Fellow fans of the NYT Vows column, be sure to read tomorrow’s celebration of its twentieth anniversary. Lois Smith Brady tracks down six of the first featured couples and updates us on their marriages, providing stories of happiness, divorce, and death. Good stories all.

The one weakness is Brady’s introduction, which in true Vows style is a bit overdone. For instance:

The way people look at marriage, and live it, has changed over the years. It’s like farming, once considered drudgery and hard work, but now seen as a soulful utopian adventure.

Young people are so beautifully ambitious about marriage these days. I recently interviewed a couple for a Vows column who said they wanted to spend their lives finding each other’s “inner voices.” Marriage may have changed, but love has not. It still makes people say crazy things. And it’s still a glue that no one has control of.

Has so much changed in twenty years? I think not.

But never mind. Read the stories, which Brady recounts well.

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