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Been Busy

Georgian Room

Not much posting lately. And not for lack of topics. Indeed, I have a growing list. I’ve just been busy with other things. Joel came home Friday. Saturday Gail and I had our anniversary. Yesterday was another day spent with family, until late afternoon, when I headed to campus for a few hours for the start of a summer program I run. Plus, there were European Championship quarterfinal soccer games to watch both days. And a novel to finish. There went my prime weekend blogging time. Today I worked. Tonight Joel’s around. Tomorrow’s his birthday. Etc. Etc. Blogging has had to wait.

Possible coming attractions:

1. Anniversary dinner Saturday at the Georgian Room, our traditional anniversary site, it being the restaurant at the hotel where we were married.

2. Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad, which I read at last.

3. Ikat exhibition at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. I wrote about this three months ago, after we attended the opening. We returned Thursday morning for a curator-led tour.

4. The situation this month at the University of Virginia, where the president resigned under pressure from an insane faction of board members who presume to understand the needs of higher education better than she does. It may be just as well that I haven’t written about this yet, since the situation keeps changing. Tomorrow is the big day, when the entire board votes on whether or not to re-instate her. Key phrase: strategic dynamism. Favorite (or most depressing line) from early coverage: “Besides broad philosophical differences, they [insane, power-crazed faction of board members] had at least one specific quibble: They felt Sullivan lacked the mettle to trim or shut down programs that couldn’t sustain themselves financially, such as obscure academic departments in classics and German.” Obscure?

5. Romney. Sigh.

6. Alito. Sigh again.

7. Return visit to East Prussia, in light R.J.W.Evans’ review in the current issue of The New York Review of Books of Max Egremont’s Forgotten Land: Journeys among the Ghosts of East Prussia, which I finished in early January and wrote about several times (here, for instance).

More in the coming days.

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