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The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards exhibit had its members opening last night at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Regarding the awards themselves, the ICPA website explains:

Known for his passionate advocacy of the environment, nature photographer Art Wolfe created a conservation-themed photo contest in 1997 as “an event for the advancement of photography as a unique medium capable of bringing awareness and preservation to our environment through art.”

The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards is a continuation of Art Wolfe’s vision and has become a biennial (every two years) international event.

Gail and I arrived early, walked through the exhibit, then joined our friend Kai at the Flair Taco food truck — parked outside the museum by special arrangement for the convenience of attendees — where we obtained an excellent light dinner. We finished eating in time to return to the lobby for the special program, with remarks by museum director Julie Stein and ICP director Chris Gorley. Some 20 award recipients were on hand for the evening and introduced themselves. Many were local; some were from a little farther away, such as British Columbia, Calfornia, Calgary; one came from Kenya.

I wouldn’t be a good judge. All the photographs looked great to me, from the two distinguished award winners to the honorable mentions. Show me a close-up of an animal, eyes aglow, and I’ll be happy. Such as the arctic loon with enormous head that was first place in my book, though it was in fact just honorably mentioned. (It’s in this slideshow.) Or the snowy owl shot by great bird photographer Paul Bannick, which in fact did win one of the two overall show awards. (You can see it here along with the other distinguished award winner, Stefano Pesarelli’s flamingos.)

By all means enjoy the on-line slideshows for the different award categories But better yet, if you’re in the area, head to the Burke and see the stunning prints. You have until November 25.

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