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Heat Wave

That’s what we have here in Seattle. Or what passes for one in these parts. High 80s yesterday. Over 90 today. And as I type, at 7:40 PM, it’s still 89 degrees, with not the least trace of a breeze.

I wouldn’t think of complaining, what with the weather so much of the country has experienced this summer. There’s nowhere I’d rather be when it comes to summer climate, at least once we get past the first week of July. We can generally count on lots of days in the 70s, dry and clear, except on the occasional mornings when there’s a marine layer that needs to burn off. Come evening, it’s perfect out, so I never want to be anywhere other than our backyard — for dinner, reading, browsing the web, writing these posts.

But today has been a little too hot for us Seattleites. And tonight, given how warm our house is, we’ll be moving down to the summer bedroom (the basement), where we should have spent last night.

The only saving grace is that these days help us remember that we’re in the middle of summer. Sometimes in Seattle, one loses track of what season it is.

But not when it’s hot hot hot!

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