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September 5, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Looking north along the Wauwinet beach on eastern edge of Nantucket, today, taken on my iPhone

Not much happening at Ron’s View for a week. Sorry about that. Usually when we travel I write too much. This time I can’t seem to get started, which means the backlog of items keeps growing, and the prospect of getting through it becomes intimidating. It doesn’t help that we’re staying in a room without a desk or table or any other sort of counter on which to put the computer. I can type in an easy chair or in bed, neither of which promotes or invites blogging.

Here are some items that I may have more to write about in the coming days.

1. Seattle-JFK flight last Friday. Not too interesting I suppose, though there were great views early on of Mounts Rainier, St. Helens, and Adams. Then clouds. Then I looked down on what seemed to be a great lake with a river running north-south from near its western end. And an airport. Aha. We must be approaching Detroit. I was looking at Lake Erie, the Detroit River, and the Detroit Wayne County Airport, or so I surmised. Sure enough, I saw a small river flowing into the purported Detroit River, which meant I was looking at Dearborn and the Rouge River, and then I could see the tops of the Renaissance Center towers in downtown Detroit, with Windsor, Ontario, to the south. The view of the Detroit River was sliding down my window until it was at the bottom edge and I could no longer see the US side. The Grosse Pointes were surely right under me, but not to be seen.

And then we were over Newark, the Hudson and Verrazano Narrows coming up as we moved east. We cut across Manhattan at about 70th street, with the bottom edge of Central Park just visible at the bottom of the window, midtown and downtown to the south. We continued east right down the middle of Long Island, with a perfect view of JFK to the south. And Coney Island, Rockaway, Long Beach. Finally we turned south over Jones Beach. I could plainly see the big parking lot near its western edge, and rows and rows of people on the beach itself. Little people. Colors. Right where my parents took me decades ago. South over the Atlantic, then west, doubling back past Long Beach, then passing from Nassau County back into Queens and down for our landing. Great trip.

Even better. Joel flew up from NC to join us, and even though he flew into LaGuardia, he got himself down to the JFK Hertz lot two minutes after we did. Perfect timing. We had just loaded the trunk when he showed up, and off we went.

2. The Cloisters on Saturday. We were in New York mostly for family visits, but we did have time to get up to the Cloisters Saturday afternoon. I voted to go down to the High Line, but Gail and Joel outvoted me, and it was just as well. Temperatures in the 90s, the sun, and the humidity made a walk on the High Line less than promising, while The Cloisters provided a cool haven. Photos and more details in due course. For now, there’s this view from The Cloisters across the Hudson to New Jersey:

Oh, and there was our stop earlier at Lady M on 78th just off Madison. What an amazing bakery! The items below give just a hint of its wonders.

3. Nantucket. Monday, Gail and I flew up to Nantucket. I have a history of reporting, when here, on all our dinners. Maybe I will this time. Or not. For now, I’ll just say that we’ve eaten at Topper’s, DeMarco, and Boardinghouse. All excellent. At the top of the post is a photo I took during my beach walk this morning.

4. La Vuelta. I had written last week about the four-man race developing in the last of the year’s three great cycling tours, the Vuelta a España. Joaquin Rodriguez, near-winner of this year’s Giro d’Italia, had a narrow lead over Alberto Contador — just back from a two-year doping suspension — and Christopher Froome — narrow Vuelta runner-up last year, Tour de France runner-up this summer, with Alejandro Valverde in hailing distance and everyone else far back. Well, forget all that. Froome, tired after a difficult summer campaign, has been slipping day by day. But today Contador turned the standings upside down, winning the stage by a wide margin over the other leaders to take control of the race, while Froome fell well off the pace. In second is Valverde, 1’52” back; third is Rodriguez at 2’28” back, and fourth is Froome, a far distant 9’40” back. I think we can consider the Vuelta settled. If only I had been able to follow this more closely. Like, on TV.

5. Romney, Ryan, and the rest of that bunch. Liars. Outrage. Where to begin? Probably the posts I imagined in my head won’t get written.

6. Obama. A decent human being for the most part, but he sure likes killing innocent people with drones. And looking forward not back, allowing his Department of Justice to conclude its CIA torture investigation with no wrongdoing found. Even as we laud him for his all-around wonderfulness this week, can we keep in mind that he is committing and condoning crimes?

7. Books. I have some updating to do. Not tonight though. In fact, I should read a little before I fall asleep. More on reading, and other topics, later.

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