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A Match I’ll Miss

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t watch a lot of tennis. I follow the four majors closely: study the draws, check the results, read stories, even keep track of the score of a match live on my browser (in the later rounds) while doing other things. But I don’t watch too many matches. Maybe the late stages of a semi-final or the finals.

Today is women’s semi-final day at the US Open. Big day. Especially considering that three different women have won the three majors played so far, and all three are in the semis. Victoria Azarenka (winner of the Australian) and Maria Sharapova (winner of the French Open) face off at 1:30k; Serena Williams (winner of Wimbledon) plays Sara Errani (runner-up at the French) at 3:45.

The post-tournament rankings are all but set, based on how far the players have gotten in this tournament. Azarenka will remain ranked #1, Sharapova will move up from #3 to #2. I haven’t read Williams fate, which may yet depend on the remaining play, but I imagine she can slide up from #4 to #3. No matter. Regardless of the rankings, whoever wins the Open will have had the best year (ruling Errani out as a possible winner). Which means we have some exciting tennis in store today and tomorrow.

But really, there’s no way I’m going to watch Azarenka play Sharapova. And probably no way I’ll watch the winner play Serena. The shrieker against the screamer. How can anyone watch them?

My loss, perhaps, because there’s much to admire about the pair, as people and as players. (Check out today’s NYT piece on Azarenka.) I just can’t listen to them. I’ll be content to check the score of their match online, if I’m free.

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