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Milestone, IV

December 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments


Ron’s View regulars know that when December 29 comes around, it’s time for my annual post on the number of miles I’ve driven my car in the past year, with additional analysis of the monthly/annual driving averages since I brought it home six years ago tomorrow. As I observed last year, “I don’t imagine anyone besides me finds this all that interesting. Nonetheless, I enjoy doing the analysis, and writing a post about it allows me to record the data in a convenient place.”

In my first milestone post, three years ago, I found that I had driven a total of 11,640 miles, for an average of 3880 miles per year or 323 1/3 miles per month.

Two years ago, I had driven only an additional 3268 miles, for a total of 14,908 miles, bringing the annual and monthly averages down to 3727 miles and 310 1/2.

Last year, I had added 3693 miles to my total, yielding an odometer reading of 18,601. If we forget that extra mile, we find that my cumulative averages were 3720 miles per year and 310 miles per month.

Now for the latest news. This past year, I have driven 3634 miles, which represents a monthly average of 302 5/6 miles. The current odometer reading is 22,235. My cumulative annual average is down to 3705 5/6, with a monthly average of 308 5/6.

I often note in these posts that one particular trip during the given year distorts the numbers. This year is no different, thanks to our late July wine trip to Walla Walla (described here and here). The drive each way is about 270 miles. Adding local driving in Walla Walla, I probably did about 570 miles of driving. Subtract that from 3634 and we find that I’ve driven just 3064 miles this year, or 255 1/3 miles per month.

If I owned an electric car, the Walla Walla trip would surely have been the only one this year that I couldn’t have made, though then we could have substituted Gail’s. Once again, I find that I’m a prime candidate for an all-electric car. However, as I concluded last year, at the rate that I’m driving, my car may outlast me. It’s hard to make the case for letting go.

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