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Birthday Time

February 28, 2013 1 comment


Those of us born on February 29 find ourselves having to answer the question, “When do you celebrate your birthday?” Our plight puzzles people.

My answer—on non-leap years, that is—used to be that I celebrate on both days: February 28 and March 1. After all, I was born on the last day of February. And, I was born the day after February 28. Hence, I get to celebrate on both days. I don’t miss out. I get twice the fun. And indeed, growing up, I did celebrate on both days.

However, in recent years I’ve had a new answer. There’s a clear instant in time (in non-leap years) when one’s age changes: that moment at midnight that separates the 28th and the 1st. But which midnight? Well, midnight in New York, of course, since that’s where I was born. And midnight in the Eastern time zone is 9:00 PM on February 28 in the Pacific time zone. So, when do I celebrate? At 9:00 PM on February 28, that’s when.

It’s just an hour away. I better get ready.

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