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Home Goal Light

Bear with me on this one. I wouldn’t ordinarily use the blog to be a Budweiser shill, but I just love this promotion. And since it’s for Budweiser Canada, we don’t even get to see it here in the US. First, watch the video above. Go ahead. It’s less than a minute long. Then, read Raju Mudhar’s explanation a month ago in the Toronto Star:

Budweiser Canada is launching an ambitious campaign that it hopes will literally score with consumers.

The brewer’s one-minute ad [on Super Bowl] Sunday will launch Budweiser Red Lights, replicas of the goal light that shines whenever your favourite NHL team scores. It has created a spokesperson, Ron Kovacs, the hockey-loving inventor of the Red Light who — beyond just appearing in the spots and teasers — may actually come to your home to install it.

The home version can be synced to your favourite team. It will flare and a horn will blare whenever your team puts one in the net, even if you’re not actually watching the game. It’s a piece of the rink in your home, or more likely, your man cave.

Kovacs’ entirely fictional back story is that of a hockey-crazed inventor who wants to bring a bit of the game experience into homes. Beyond the main ad, which shows him in action installing the light at a home where people are watching a game, there are extended clips online telling his story, including his second in command, Vance, who helps with installations. It’s a sort of hockey-mad spin on the “most interesting man in the world” beer-spokesperson trend.

“If I come to your house to install it, you’d better bet we’re going to talk hockey,” Kovacs says.


Available online at Budweiser.ca on Sunday after the spot airs, they will cost $149.99, although the company say it is taking a loss in hopes of creating buzz and demand for the product.

“We’re not making money off this thing, I can guarantee you that,” says Norrington. “The opposite, quite frankly, but we spent a lot of time to get it right. It is simple, and it’s not going to make you breakfast in the morning, but it’s going to go off every time your team scores.”

My days of intense hockey fandom are past, but I have to say, there was a time when I would have thought seriously about buying one. Especially if Ron came over to install it.

I recommend a look at the CBC interview with Ron Kovacs, which you can find by going here, scrolling down a bit, and clicking on the video. You’ll have to sit through two ads, but then you’ll be treated to Monika Platek’s interview.

Tempted? You can order one here. New orders are scheduled for shipping the week of June 10. That’s just in time for the Stanley Cup finals.

Gail, what do you think? (And Russ, do you have one yet?)

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  1. russmcduff
    March 5, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Son Mark considered getting one for his hockey-crazed girl friend. I was thinking the concept should be the basis for an iPhone app.

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