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More Coming Attractions

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Saturday night, I wrote a post on coming attractions, listing two items:

1. Lunch Friday at La Grenouille, one of the great restaurants of New York

2. Andrew Delbanco’s College: What it Was, Is, and Should Be , which I started reading on the plane flight to New York Thursday and finished this morning.

I’m still too busy to say more, but what I can do for now is add to the list:

3. Hockey on ice. A silly little post about a pun, if I get to it.

4. Our flight to Atlanta on Sunday, views of New York and Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake and downtown Baltimore, and my inability to come up with a clue to the Delta flight magazine crossword puzzle clue “New York’s ____ Island” even as I looked down on the very island and pointed it out to Gail.

5. A day at the University of Georgia. Today, that is. There’s still more we want to see, which we will on Wednesday, but we did see Sanford Stadium. It’s big.

6. Dinner tonight at 5 & 10. Who would have thought Athens has so fine a restaurant? How much eating has changed in the US in recent years.

Of course, by the time I get to these topics, the list will have grown longer, and nothing will be more exciting than tomorrow’s lead item:

7. A day at the Masters.

We head to Augusta at 6:30 AM tomorrow. I better get some rest. More another time.

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