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Never Go Back, 2

September 3, 2013 Leave a comment


I’ve started it. I’m 65 pages in. It’s great. Help!

It is Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher thriller, Never Go Back. As I mentioned two days ago, I don’t want the book to get in the way of our vacation. I don’t want to be Lee Child’s prisoner for the next 24 hours. Today is our first full day in Nantucket. I want to walk. Go into town. Eat. I can’t just sit and read.

Then again, why not? It’s beautiful out on the lawn. I can read and look out over Nantucket Harbor. Is there anything better to do? (Apparently, yes: blogging about the situation.)

At least I slept last night. The book arrived on my Kindle shortly after midnight. If we were still in Seattle, I might have started it before bedtime and never gone to sleep.

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