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We were sitting on our inn’s lawn yesterday afternoon, enjoying the magnificent view over Nantucket Bay and reading our books, when our waitress came over to take our order for a light lunch. She mentioned that someone famous was dining in the restaurant: Drew Barrymore.

I had missed a word or two, or maybe the waitress’s choice of verb tense, as a result of which I thought she was just talking about how over the course of the summer there had been famous people on the property, such as Drew. Then, based on Gail’s response, I realized that Drew was there right that moment.

After we ordered and the waitress headed back in, I asked Gail what movies we had seen Drew in. Confusing movies with blonde female characters whose reruns Gail can watch unceasingly, I suggested Legally Blonde. No, The Wedding Singer. Oh yeah. Now I had a face to put with the name.

A half hour later, I had occasion to walk in, and there she was. I think. Someone simply dressed, attractive but plain looking, talking animatedly to the maitre d’. About the right age, or maybe slightly younger than I expected. At breakfast this morning, our waitress spoke about how approachable Drew was. And no make up.

Yup. That was her. Exciting.

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