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Never Go Back, 3

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As I discussed here and here, I was determined not to let Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher thriller, Never Go Back, ruin our annual vacation on Nantucket this week. It came out Tuesday, our first full day here, and I read only a little. Wednesday we made our day to lie on the chaise longues and read all day, so I got almost 300 pages read.

But Thursday was problematic, since it wasn’t another do-nothing day. We took the inn’s hourly shuttle van into town in the morning, then the island public bus from town out to Madaket on the other end of the island, walked on the beach, ate lunch at Millie’s, and waited for the return bus to town. Along the way, I read 5 pages here, 3 pages there. Then we shopped in town, and on the van ride back to the inn I was able to finish the book. Not my idea of how to read a thriller, but it worked: vacation not ruined, book complete.

There was special irony in coming across this bit of dialogue late in the book as I was riding around Nantucket.

“Suppose they were always rich. Suppose they’re old-money East Coast aristocrats.”

“OK, I’ll watch out for old men in faded pink pants.”

And a few pages later, there was a second reference to faded pink pants.

The irony lies in the fact that I was reading this in the national capital of faded pink pants. As I have written on previous visits here, Murray’s Toggery Shop has trademarked the name Nantucket Red and offers their exclusive Nantucket Reds Collection of canvas shorts and pants.


Red, yes, not pink, but pink is what the color fades into. And after years of coming here, I have become a fan. The shorts are comfortable, rugged, quality fabric, good length. Once we got into town from Madaket Thursday, just after I read these lines, we headed straight to Murray’s for shorts.

I have become a character straight out of a Jack Reacher thriller! Not Jack, but I’ll take what I can get.

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