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Ruby and Charlee

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


It’s not my intent to turn Ron’s Blog into Our Cute Kitties. But really, how can I resist?

The eight-month-old sisters joined us twelve days ago. Under strict orders from Janice the adoption supervisor, we confined them initially to a small bathroom. Too small. After two days ago, we brought them upstairs to a bedroom/exercise room. Now they range beyond it to the adjacent bathroom.

Charlee—the girl with the black triangle nose—is full of energy, bouncing from room to room. Ruby is less comfortable with her surroundings. At least she now leaves the security of the carrier case. She’ll sit still when we enter their space rather than retreating. Charlee races away at the sight of us, then returns, maybe even sits on us (Gail anyway).

And now they’ve discovered the towel basket. I came upon the scene above on my return home tonight.

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