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Back at the start of September, 2011, I learned in Marilyn Stasio’s Sunday NYT mystery roundup about Martin Walker’s crime series featuring the delightful police chief Bruno, based in the fictional Périgord town of St. Denis. Stasio gave brief mention to Black Diamond, the third in the series and then newly out in the US. (She also wrote about “Sebastian Rotella’s remarkable first novel,” Triple Crossing, which I read the following December and commented on here. Superb book.)

As I explained at the time, I decided that if I were to read a Bruno book, I should start with the first, Bruno, Chief of Police. I downloaded it to my Kindle while we were in Nantucket the next week and began reading. Within three more weeks, I had moved on to The Dark Vineyard and Black Diamond.

That’s when I went to Amazon to find out when number four was due to appear, only to discover that it had already come out in the UK, with US release the next summer. Why wait? I ordered the hardcover UK version of The Crowded Grave, reading it in November. The pattern was set. Number five, The Devil’s Cave, would come the next August in the UK. I clicked on pre-order at amazon.co.uk, reading it on arrival.

Alas, Bruno fatigue had set in. The books are charming. Bruno is good company. But five of them in eleven months was enough. When the UK version of number six, The Resistance Man, came out nine months ago, I passed it by. I was content to wait for the US release.

That release was last Tuesday. It’s queued up now on my Kindle and iPad, waiting for me to start. All I need is a bottle of Bergerac, so I can drink along with Bruno as I read.

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