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Hierarchy Established

March 20, 2014 Leave a comment


Ruby and Charlee moved in with us not quite eleven weeks ago. They now have run of the house, except when they start tearing into the living room furniture and Gail shuts them out. Charlee (with the black triangle to one side of her nose) has settled in pretty well, after a slow start. Maybe a little too well. She insists on sitting with us when we eat and trying to jump on the table, no matter how many times we put her down. Ruby (with the white region encircling her nose) still keeps her distance, although she’s much more comfortable than she was for the first month.

They do have each other. For the most part that’s a comfort. But Charlee does move Ruby out of choice spots every so often, and when they play chase, Ruby assumes the role of chasee to Charlee’s chaser. There’s no uncertainty about who’s in charge.

Which they couldn’t have made more clear in assuming the pose above this afternoon. Hang in there Ruby.

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