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Ruby and Charlee Turn One


I introduced Ruby and Charlee on Ron’s View January 5, the day after they moved into the house. (See updates here and here and here.) Four days ago, they celebrated their first birthday. I couldn’t get them to pose for a photo, or even just to face me. The picture above is the best I could do.

They took no special interest in the proceedings. The day went pretty much as usual, food being the highlight as always.

Then again, maybe Charlee knew something was up. At breakfast, she rewarded herself with half of Gail’s English muffin. Gail was making coffee, I was eating my own English muffin and reading the sports pages. Gail’s muffin was just two feet away from me, yet I didn’t notice Charlee’s grab until Gail turned around and saw her at seat level licking the butter.

Until then, Ruby had been the butter queen, always on the lookout for a lick. Charlee’s previously exhibited primary interests were bacon and ham. She’ll dash in, grab a slice, and race upstairs swinging it from her mouth.

Happy first birthday, girls. We hope you’re enjoying life with us, even if we resist sharing our food with you.

Oh, I should say who’s who. That’s Charlee to the lower left, Ruby in the center.

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